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Serendipity Winery

Serendipity Winery is owned by Judy Kingston. Since 2006, Judy has devoted her full time efforts to the Serendipity vineyard and winery. Her two children have each put in summers working in the vineyard. It is a family commitment, led by Judy as point person.
Beginning in the spring of 2006, the property was completely re-landscaped to provide the optimum slope and orientation for the new vineyard. Judy selected the wine varietals for planting to match the micro climate and four distinct soil types on the property. In the spring of 2007, she planted eight acres of vines with Syrah and Merlot as the main reds, and Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc as the whites. Subsequently she has added to the vineyard with the additional planting of Syrah, Cabernet Franc and a little Malbec for blending. Two additional acres of Pinot Noir will be planted in 2011.

The first harvest was in 2009 and of exceptional quality. It was a tribute to the many hours of hard work and dedication put into the vineyard with the goal of producing quality over quantity. To add complexity and diversity to the wines, additional grapes have been purchased from local Okanagan growers who share the same commitment to quality.


Available products:

2013 Pinot Grigio 59857

2013 Viognier 254524
Traditional Viognier notes of orange blossom and tangerine greet your nose. Sur lees contact brings out a medium bodied wine and contributes to notes of toasted coconut. This wine has a hint of blood orange and apricot.

2013 Rosé 649871
Made in the Alsatian style, this dry rose is a reflection of a very old-world style rose. Made from only red wines, kept on the skin for 24 hours to get colour, the flavour of this wine can be best described by the word ‘pink’. Notes of strawberry, rhubarb and raspberry sorbet greet the nose, with flavours of kiwi, dragonfruit and pomegranate on the palate. The dryness and wide variety of grapes make this an extraordinarily food friendly wine, pairing nicely with a wide range of flavour profiles.
90 Points from John Schreiner
BRONZE MEDAL at the 2013 International Tasters Guild

2010 Devil’s Advocate 756789
Soft notes of pepper combine with smells of vanilla cigars, eucalyptus, leather and a hint of black cherry. Red licorice, butterscotch and cherry greet your tongue, while the Syrah provides a peppery finish.
Won Silver, 2013 San Francisco International Wine Competition
Won Silver, 2013 All Canadian Wine Championships
Won Bronze, 2013 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
Won Silver, 2013 International Taster’s Guild.
May 2013, John Schreiner’s favourite red at Naramata Spring Release tasting in Vancouver.
Won Silver at the Wine Access 2012 Canadian Wine Awards.

2009 Merlot 757018

2010 Serenata 130799
A well-integrated wine with a long finish. This blend of Bordeaux grapes has hints of eucalyptus and smokey notes. It goes on to deliver juicy cherry, blackberry and dark fruits and finishes with flavours of mochachino.

2010 Syrah 766447




Azur Wines

Helmed by the talented winemaker Julien Fayard along with his with Elan, Azur wines, particularly their stunning Rosé, reflect Julien’s Provence heritage.
The Azur philosophy is to produce wines that express pure, terroir-driven specificities and characteristics. Wine style is a combined expression of the fruit, soil, vines and climate. To produce the highest quality wines, the origin of quality expressed through the vineyards, the fruit and very production practices determine a good wine from a great wine. They want to create the highest quality wines representative of their two cultures, French & American. Emphasis on vineyard selection, farming and fruit maturity is key.
The wines we produce reflect our dedication to haute quality with expressive layers of details and distinct flavors.


Available products:

Azur Rosé 764712

Azur Sauvignon Blanc 764713

Azur Proprietary Red 764714




Manzone Giovanni

Giovanni Manzone is located in MONFORTE D’ALBA, Piedmont since 1925. The entire production is focused on high- quality and limited to about 50,000 bottles per year, using only estate-grown grapes. Manzone’s HIGH-ELEVATION vineyards (450 metres, 1,500 feet), their EXTREME STEEPNESS and the GREAT TERROIR foster naturally low-yielding vines which produce wines that are approachable while young, yet remain amongst the most concentrated and longest-lived of all Barolos.

The HISTORY of this family-estate began in 1925 when Giovanni Manzone purchased “Ciabot del Preve” (the residence of the Parish of the nearby town of Castelletto). In 1965, Giovanni and Stefano Manzone bottled the first wines and they purchased important vineyards on the historic hill of “GRAMOLERE”, in Monforte d’Alba. In 2005, Mauro Manzone joined his father Giovanni in the management of the winery. Mauro graduated from the famed Oenology School of Alba. At the estate the principles of pure, natural, non-invasive agriculture are followed. No insecticides or fertilizers have ever been used. Natural grass is left between the rows of vines, mowed and left on the ground to form humus. All the wines are unclarified and unfiltered.and addes in minimal amounts of SO2.


Available products:

Barbera D’Alba Le Ciliegie

Dolcetto d’Alba Le Ciliegie

Barolo Bricat 

Gramolere Barolo Riserva

Rossese Bianco




7 Iron

A well-priced, easy-drinking California Cab! “The club that never lets you down,” according to the winery team. “The dependable 7 Iron always swings smooth, flies straight and gets you where you need to be. If only your putter was this reliable.”

This is a private label.


Available products:

7 Iron Cabernet Sauvignon 




Vincent Couche Champagne

“My mother transmitted her passion to me. The call of the vines runs through my veins, as it does throughout my family. My profession is a calling. I love the demands it makes on me, and I can’t imagine working in any way other than striving for excellence.

I’d like to tell you about my intimate self, about this daily bond which ties me to my vineyard. Being in contact with the vines makes me feel uplifted. I delight in these silent and bonding conversations.  My vineyard gets all my attention. I am aware of its slightest shiver, a hardly noticeable sign of its passionate mood.  I am an incurable vineyard lover, responding to its every whim, always looking to satisfy it and relentlessly improve this mutual and growing love.  This game of seduction lasts until the ultimate moment of the grape harvest, when in a final embrace it offers me, with its clear, fresh and delicate juice, the beginnings of another great happiness.  With a sigh of satisfaction, its dies away and it is immediately reborn anew, more seductive than ever.  In the intimacy of my cellar, it expresses its best flavors and will soon start to prepare itself for the day it becomes famous.






The Hambrecht family has been in the California wine business for over 35 years, partnering in esteemed brands like Ridge, Chalone, and Truett Hurst. Bill Hambrecht was among the first visionary business owners to open a winery on Healdsburg’s picturesque Westside Road in 1982. Belvedere Winery marked the beginning of what would become a family tradition and commitment to producing wines of the utmost quality. It’s this commitment to excellence that led to Alysian Wines, which is the result of the 2006 partnership between the Hambrechts and veteran winemaker, Gary Farrell, who is known in the industry for his uncompromising standards and resolute attention to detail. Sourced from only the best vineyards in the Russian River Valley, Alysian’s multiple award-winning wines strike a delicate balance with flavor profiles that delight both connoisseurs and newcomers alike.



Crosby Roamann

Honest, Handmade Wines.

Crosby Roamann is a small winery consumed with the idea of creating honest, handmade wines. This passion stems from an age-old belief that every vineyard is special, every vintage is unique, and each wine is distinct. The process is not easy. It starts with careful vineyard selection and management, a vigilant crush, and traditional winemaking practices. It’s this hands-on, labor-intensive process that ultimately creates a wine that truly has character and history.


Crosby Roamann


Honest, Handmade Wines.

HUNNICUTT is a family owned and operated winery founded in 2001. Our varietal focus is Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. The name ‘HUNNICUTT’ was Justin’s great grandmother’s maiden name, is Justin’s middle name and the middle name our daughter, Parker Hunnicutt Stephens. To accompany HUNNICUTT, we added a companion brand in 2007 called CUTT that will focus on producing wines other than Zin, Cab and Chard.